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In today's world, many would lead us to believe we can only achieve the look we desire by undergoing intense, painful treatments...even surgery.

With professional care, enjoyable treatments and home care maintenance, you can turn your skin around, bringing beauty to life.

Studies have proven that certain plant extracts, as well as vitamins and minerals can be very beneficial to the skin. They have the ability to reduce blemishes, tighten and firm, reduce sensitivity and prevent cellular damage. You will be amazed at the vitality your skin will reflect with simple strategies that create exceptional results, bringing your own beauty to life.

Aside from the toll the environment takes on skin, stress and anxiety also causes problems. So to feel and look your best, I offer a variety of treatments allowing you to relax and indulge yourself during a session guaranteed to melt your cares away.

Whatever treatments you select at Winnie's, I pledge to provide you with professional skin care and the utmost attention to your specific needs and desires. Your complete satisfaction is my goal.

Enjoy your visit!

Winnie A'Hearn

Microdermabrasion is a skin resurfacing treatment in which crystals pass through a glass hand piece to buff away dead, dehydrated skin cells. Smoother, more hydrated, younger looking skin is achieved with just one treatment. For more optimal results or to diminish deeper lines, age spots and scarring, a series of 6 is highly recommended. One treatment-$125 four-$375 six-$625 (includes a free facial).

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